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Advanced intensive care monitoring for patients, peace of mind for families

CCMH eICUCCMH eICU® Program utilizes technology, along with the care provided in a critical or intensive care unit, to bring constant, around-the-clock attention from a team of intensivists (highly trained physicians specializing in caring for critically ill patients), critical care nurses and support staff operating from a remote location. This is why we have became partners with Avera eICU® CARE. The CCMH eICU® Program will utilize the services of Avera eICU® CARE.

Avera eICU® CARE combines advanced technology and innovative treatment with CCMH's caring tradition. This combination of care and technology is proven to save lives and shorten recovery times. Patient information, including vital signs, medications and test results, is:

• Sent over secure, high-speed data lines to Avera eICU® CARE physicians and staff
• Continuously analyzed by computers and intensivists, helping bring attention to even slight changes in patient conditions, allowing for early intervention before significant problems may occur


AveraWhen someone you care about is in a critical or intensive care unit, it is naturally a stressful time, and several concerns may arise regarding treatment. At CCMH, we know you want to be certain that your loved one will receive the best possible care. This is why we have became partners with Avera eICU® CARE. The CCMH eICU® Program will utilize the services of Avera eICU® CARE, a dedicated core of intensivists and critical care nurses located at Avera McKennan Hospital & University Healthcare Center, who monitor patients 24 hours a day.

CCMH eICU® Program is one way CCMH uses technology to provide an extra level of specialized care for critical care patients- and at no added cost.


CCMH eICU RoomNothing replaces the effectiveness and care of the bedside physician. If your loved one receives CCMH eICU® Program services, his or her local physician continues to make all decisions regarding patient care.

  • Because personal physicians cannot be at the bedside at all times, CCMH eICU® Program provides valuable monitoring and assistance.

  • At Campbell County Memorial Hospital, we recognize that human touch and personalized care are key to healing for the patient and to peace of mind for families and friends.

We are dedicated to providing personal attention and care to every person, every step of the way. Highly trained nurses always are available to provide the hands-on care your loved one needs.


At CCMH, we understand how important privacy is to our patients. Avera eICU® CARE staff use a real-time camera to examine patients and communicate with staff, patients and family. The camera has no video or audio taping capabilities and does not watch staff members or patients. It is turned on only when Avera eICU® CARE physicians, nurses and support staff need to see the patient, or when requested by the bedside staff. You may notice that when the camera is on, it turns toward the patient, a green light comes on and a chime may sound.

When the camera is off, it faces the wall.

The bedside nurse can turn on a privacy indicator when the patient or family requests privacy. The remote team will not turn the camera on while the privacy indicator is activated, unless an emergency arises. The Avera eICU® CARE team respects patient privacy by:

  • Keeping monitoring equipment in a secured area, accessible only to authorized staff
  • Sending information over private, secured lines
  • Scrambling patient information to make it unreadable during transmission
  • Using secure passwords when documenting treatment


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