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Cardiopulmonary Services

Phone: 307.688.2300
​CCMH, Second Floor, North

Hours: Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm
Saturday-Sunday, Closed

Jim Morda, Manager
Linda Ducello CPS Supervisor

Cardiopulmonary Services, includes the specialties of respiratory therapy and diagnostic testing for lung disease. Prescribed by a physician, patients are treated, managed and monitored for lung disease and breathing disorders. Cardiopulmonary Services provides inpatient and outpatient respiratory therapy services for patients at Campbell County Memorial Hospital.

Respiratory Therapy Services

  • PFT (Pulmonary Function Testing): screeninging, pre and post broncodilator, complete PFT and DLCO, bronchoprovocation / methocholine challenge
  • EEG (Brain wave testing)
  • EKG or ECG (Electrocardiogram Testing)
  • 24- or 48-hour heart Holter Monitoring (Ongoing cardiac monitoring)

Cardiopulmonary Services is staffed by 17 Respiratory Care Practitioners. They participate in IDR (Interdisciplinary Rounds) three times per week and these help ensure a team approach to patient care among physicians, nursing staff, respiratory therapists, physical therapy and other care providers.


Cardiopulmonary Services reports the results of Critical Tests (blood gas testing in infants) within one hour with a goal of 100% compliance.

Respiratory Therapists at Campbell County Memorial Hospital assist in the emergency room, manage ventilator patients, and assist with bedside broncoscopes, intubation and extubation.

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