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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Phone: 307.688.2330

Sherry Bailey, RN, Manager

Campbell County Memorial Hospital's Pulmonary Rehabilitation program is conducted in an encouraging, controlled environment, and supervised by personnel trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. The program is under the direction of Peter Fort, M.D., a local physician who is Board Certified in Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine.

When you have chronic lung disease, it can be hard to do things that used to be easy. Things like climbing a flight of stairs, playing a round of golf, or keeping up with your children or grandchildren. Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a comprehensive outpatient education and treatment program for people living with COPD or chronic lung disease that can help you breathe easier, get stronger and do more in your daily life.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Benefits

Pulmonary Rehabilitation programs have been successful in reducing the impact of chronic lung diseases, helping you:

  • Breathe better
  • Understand your lung disease and what you can do to feel better
  • Have energy to enjoy being around children or grandchildren
  • Do more everyday activities with less shortness of breath
  • Return to previous hobbies and leisure activities
  • Feel healthier and more active to enjoy your retirement
  • Quit smoking
  • Feel less anxious about your condition
  • Travel and enjoy life more
  • Make fewer visits to the hospital or emergency room

Getting Started

The initial process for Pulmonary Rehabilitation begins with a referral by your physician, followed
by an individual interview and orientation with a registered nurse and respiratory therapist. Some preliminary diagnostic tests may also be needed to assist your doctor and the Pulmonary Rehabilitation team in setting up a program tailored to your needs. These tests may include Pulmonary Function (PFT), electrocardiogram (EKG), blood tests and a chest x-ray. These tests are also used to determine if you qualify for insurance coverage.

Pulmonary Rehab will help you learn to reduce symptoms and enhance your ability to return to work or leisure activities. It is taught by registered nurses and respiratory therapists. This program is eligible for Medicare, some insurance. Join anytime, sessions are ongoing and morning and afternoon sessions available.

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