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Before birth FAQ's:

What supplies to bring when you are in labor.

  • Clothes for mom & baby
  • Shower supplies - hygiene supplies.
  • Favorite Pillow, nursing bras
  • Snacks (for after labor)
  • Blankets to take baby home in
  • Car seat
  • Camera

When to come to the hospital

  • If you think your water breaks
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Decreased fetal movement
  • Regular Contractions

Is it true labor?

False Labor

True Labor

Regular Contractions

Regular Contractions

Decrease in frequency and intensity; longer intervals

Progressive frequency and intensity; closer intervals

Discomfort in lower abdomen and groin

Discomfort begins in back, radiating to abdomen

Activity has no effect or decreases contractions; disappear with sleep

Activity such as walking increases contractions; continue even when sleeping

No appreciable change in cervix

Progressive effacement and dilation of cervix

Sedation decreases or stops contractions

Sedation does not stop contractions

Show usually not present

Show usually present

How will I know if my water has broken?

If you think your water has broken please call your doctor or call 688-2200.

What medications can I take while being pregnant?




All Tylenol products (Tylenol cold, flu, sinus etc)

NyQuil Elixir

Robitussin DM

Anything with alcohol

Mucinex (Guifenaisen)

Sudafed (Sudafed Cough and Cold)


NyQuil (caplets ok, syrup is no)

All cough drops







Motrin (Ibuprofen) after 28wks









Pepto & anything with Bismuth

Pepc id




Milk of Magnesia


Surfak and Colace


Dramamine and Dramamine II

** Most over-the-counter topical products are safe, but ask your physician if you are unsure.

What pediatrician do I want to take care of my newborn?

You will need to chose a physician to take care of the baby when you are admitted to the hospital. When the baby is discharged the records will be sent to their office.
Find a Pediatrician
Find a Family Physician

What pain options are available for me during labor?

Natural (No medication)
Even if you chose to have a natural birth, there are many options you can try to help with your discomfort.
a. Position change

  1. Walking
  2. Standing
  3. Rocking
  4. Shower
  5. Squatting
  6. Resting
  7. Jacuzzi tub

b. Relaxation

  1. Rhythmic breathing
  2. Paced breathing
  3. Relaxation through massage, music, and imagery.
c. Birthing ball
  1. A device used to help support the woman's body and enhance maternal comfort by:
  • Supporting pelvic rocking
  • promoting mobility and relaxation
  • supporting mother in upright position
d. Heat or ice packs
e. Support person
  1. The support a woman receives during labor influences her pain perception, may influence maternal or fetal outcome and satisfaction with the childbirth experience.
  2. The support person is a very important part of labor if the woman chooses to do natural birth.
IV Pain medication
a. This works well for those women who need a little something to get them thru.
  1. Cannot be given more often than every 1-2 hours
  2. Cannot be given within 2 hours of birth
  3. Does not take away the pain, it just dulls the pain and relaxes mom.
a. This is the most effective for pain relief
  1. Because women have decreased sensation, interventions such as vaginal exams and position changes are less uncomfortable
b. It avoids maternal and neonatal respiratory depression, which can be associated with IV or IM medications

Car Seat

  • Know how to properly install your car seat/ car seat base in your vehicle.
  • Know how to adjust the car seat straps

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