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General Financial Information

Vi Nodland, 307.682.4709, ext. 113

There are several ways to pay for expenses in the long-term care facility. The following are general explanations, and do not contain all the information you need to know. You must contact the persons responsible for each program for guidelines, rules of eligibility and documentation needs.

Your Monthly Bill
This facility accepts Medicare, Medicaid, private pay, workers compensation claims and many private insurance carriers. Ask the Business Office about specific payment methods we accept.

The Business Office keeps a record of all bills and charges. The daily rate includes room and board, nursing care, meals, laundry and most activities. Refer to the admission agreement for specific terms and charges. The Business Office staff and Administrator are available for any questions you may have. We recommend setting up an appointment prior to admission to discuss your financial arrangements.

Discharge Planning
Discharge planning begins on the day of admission. The discharge plan is a joint effort coordinated by your healthcare team.

Our goal from the time of admission is to help each resident reach his or her highest level of function. The resident's plan of care is an ongoing process up to the day of discharge. Residents and families are invited to attend care conferences at given intervals throughout your stay at our facility.

The goal-oriented plan involves the resident, family and facility staff working together to reach the resident's greatest level of independence. This treatment plan is based on the strengths, needs, desires and safety of each individual resident.

Private Pay
If a person has the personal resources, they can be admitted to the long term care facility as a private pay resident. A copy of our private pay rates are available from facility staff. Payments are expected 30 days in advance for room charges. Medications and other charges are billed at the end of each month. Every resident is evaluated for their particular level of care using an Activities of Daily Living Score, and are charged a daily rate accordingly. The rate sheet also includes costs for private rooms, and what is included in the daily rate.

If you anticipate being a private pay resident, we can work with you to complete the necessary financial responsibility papers, and admission can be arranged as soon as all other criteria is met. This includes having an appropriate room available, having a local physician, and confirming that the necessary equipment is in place.

Medicare covers long term care costs only in very specific situations. It is short-term and limited to those residents who are recovering from a specific trauma. Medicare does not cover costs longer than 100 days in any situation. Therefore, do not rely on Medicare coverage to provide nursing home care beyond a possible short recovery period.

If you expect Medicare coverage for your stay, the Social Services representative will explain the time limitations involved. Since Medicare is limited in scope and time, you will be urged to make "back-up" arrangements for the time that Medicare ends. This is not a concern if you are discharged at the end of Medicare coverage, but if you are not ready to return home, you will need the reassurance that your expenses are being covered.

VA Contract
This option is only available to certain veterans with service-connected disabilities, through a specific contract with a Veteran's Administration Medical Center. Generally this option is time-limited.

If you have an established relationship with a Veteran's Affairs Medical Center, we can communicate directly with their Social Service and Financial staff concerning your care and admission dates.

Medicaid is a federally funded program, however, every state has its own set of rules and eligibility criteria. Contact the Department of Family Services at 307.682.7277 to apply for Medicaid coverage. Eligibility is determined through an assessment of your medical and financial status. Campbell County Public Health staff, through the completion of a form called an LT101, determines your medical eligibility.

Medicaid applications may take some time to complete. Therefore, if you anticipate a nursing home admission in the near future, it will be well worth your time to start work immediately on the financial arrangements to assure adequate financial coverage upon admission.

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