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New Brillance CT Offers Faster, More Accurate Scans

The newest innovation in CT scanning is at Campbell County Memorial Hospital, and it's being used to diagnose heart disease earlier and more accurately than ever before. The new Brilliance CT scanner allows doctors to see more anatomical detail in a fraction of the time needed for other tests. With this new CT scanner, doctors are able to more effectively detect and treat a range of life-threatening illnesses including heart disease, cancer, stroke and lung disease.

The extensive image information generated by the Brilliance CT creates exceptionally detailed 3D images which can be used for diagnosis and, when necessary, quickly shared with physicians and surgeons for surgery and treatment planning.

Patients needing a CT scan will find the new scanner offers a much more pleasant experience than previous scanners - especially for heart patients. The new Brilliance CT scanner reduces the need for drugs to regulate the rhythm of the heart. With much faster scan times, patients will usually be asked to carry out only one brief breath hold during each scan. Older patients and those with breathing difficulties will especially appreciate the shorter exams.

The Brilliance CT scanner is just one more way Campbell County Memorial Hospital is bringing the newest, most important medical technology to you. The Phillips 64-slice Helical CT scanner completes exams in only minutes.

What is CT or CAT Scan?

CT stands for computerized tomography, which refers to the way this exam is performed. In actuality, a CT scan is an x-ray procedure enhanced by a computer. This results in a three-dimensional view(referred to as a "slice") of a particular part of your body.

During a routine x-ray, dense tissues can block other areas. Aided by the computer, a CT scan is able to put together the different "slices" and create a three-dimensional view, clearly showing both bone and soft tissue.

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