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Surgical Services: Patient's Family and Friends

Sheryl James, Director

One or two people will be able to enter the pre-op area with you on the day of your surgery. If the patient is a minor or does not have power of attorney, a legal guardian is required to accompany them. Other visitors can remain in the outpatient waiting area.

Once you are taken to the operating room, family and friends will be asked to wait in the outpatient waiting area or the Emergency Department waiting room. Have your family member let the secretary know where they will be waiting, so the surgeon knows where to find them for any updates during the procedure, or when surgery is completed.

The operating room nurse will periodically let your family and friends know the progress of the surgery, and how you are doing.

When the surgery is over, the surgeon will come out and update your family on the outcome of the surgery.

Once you have recovered enough to have visitors, the nurse will take family or friends back to the outpatient area. You may be groggy from anesthesia, very tired or say things you don't remember later.

Your nurse will make sure you are given all the necessary discharge instructions, prescriptions and follow up appointments, if needed. The surgeon will usually come out and talk to you once you are awake. You may not always remember what the surgeon says due to the anesthesia, so it is important that family and friends are present so they can tell you later if needed.

When you are fully recovered, a nurse will escort you to your vehicle so a family member or friend can drive you home.

You may be in some pain, and it is important to fill prescriptions if needed so that the pain medication is readily available when it is needed again.

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