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Gail Graham, RN

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About Gail

Campbell County Medical Group has a new service for people on long-term blood thinning medications, such as the drug Coumadin. Research has shown that patients often do better on this type of therapy when they have more frequent visits and education about their treatment plan. Patients being treated for heart problems or patients who have had frequent blood clots are often prescribed blood thinning medicines.

Registered nurse Gail Graham will be the point of contact for the new Anticoagulation Management program, a long name for a way to provide more frequent and personalized care for these patients. She recently obtained certification in Anticoagulation Therapy Management through the University of Southern Indiana. Gail will see the patient as often as every two weeks or sometimes monthly. A simple finger stick test is used to evaluate how the medication is working, and Gail will provide support and education along the way.

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