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Katelyn Rosier, LCSW

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About Katelyn

Licensing Info: WY-LCSW #1012

Amount of time working for CCH: Since November 2019

Time working as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW): Provided counseling and clinical case management since May 2013

Credentials and/or specializations: I greatly enjoy working with kids and people of all ages who have chronic illness or medial issues. I also enjoy working on issues surrounding grief and loss.

Why are you working in your chosen specialty? For the first six years of my career I worked as a clinical case manager at Ivinson Memorial Hospital in Laramie, WY, where I helped people find tangible resources to help them afford their care or manage life with a medical issue. I mainly worked in the cancer center, and I found it very rewarding to help patients and their families during such a tumultuous time.

However, in that time I also had two children of my own and THAT taught me more than my education or previous experience as a clinician ever did. I love working with kids and I take a lot of pride in helping them develop into healthy, wholehearted people.

Why is being a provider important to you? Believe it or not, I started my education in the field of engineering. HA! That lasted one semester... As part of the pre-requisites engineering classes, I had to take psychology 101, and I quickly realized that human & science was far more interesting to me than earth science! I eventually ended up in the social science realm and became a clinical social worker.

After I became a social worker and was working in a cancer treatment setting, I had an “ah-ha” moment that helped solidify my place as a mental health provider. I was visiting with a patient and asked “what are your thoughts about starting treatment?” His response, I will never forget- he said, “It’s just my turn.” I thought this was a particularly interesting response. He explained- it was simply his turn to endure, to experience suffering, to be vulnerable...

His response challenged me to think differently about my practice as a mental health provider. We often fall into the trap of the belief that suffering is intolerable, and unacceptable. We believe that vulnerability will inevitably result in our destruction, and we employ every possible strategy to prevent ourselves from vulnerability. But change can only come from the courage to do so, and courage can only come from vulnerability.

I consider it a great privilege to be present with others in their moments of vulnerability, in their becoming a wholehearted, healthier person.

Why did you choose to work for CCH? When I had the opportunity to work in the kid clinic at CCH, I jumped on it right away. The kid clinic is an amazing example of how a community comes together to support our youth. I’m proud to be part of developing this model of care and to see the positive outcomes it has provided our community.

What has made you feel the most pride in your work at CCH? I am proud to say that because of the partnership between the hospital and the school district, we are creating a positive culture surrounding mental health treatment for our youth! One of my clients even asked me, “How can I help my friend get counseling here? His family won’t have time to bring him during school so maybe he could use transportation.” Wow! I think this says a lot – not only are we making an positive impact on our clients, but they now see this as a valuable resource which they can use to support their peers.

Who is your health care hero and why? I do have some healthcare heroes! In high school I learned I had hyperthyroidism and because of this I got to meet my first healthcare hero, my pediatric endocrinologist from Denver. I enjoyed my visits with him because he always seemed to take interest in my life and he could explain things for me in a way I (a kid) could understand. He was an amazing person! My other heathcare heroes have included the absolutely amazing team of MDs and NPs I got to work with at the cancer center in Laramie. Wow! Each of them was a hero to me in a different way, but what all had in common was their genuine desire to support their patients. They really cared for their patients as real humans, emotions and all…

What advice do you give someone who is looking for a new provider? If you are considering seeing a counselor, or another mental health provider, you are on the right track. You’ve probably been tossing ideas back and forth about what could go wrong, and still you’ve decided that the benefit of being vulnerable is greater than the risk of staying the same. KUDOS!

What do you do for fun? I love doing fun activities with my husband and my kids. We love to swim, watch movies and play games at home. I also really enjoy lifting weights. It’s physically challenging which is a great compliment to the mentally challenging part of being a counselor -and it makes me feel good.

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