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William Hoskinson, DO

About William

Dr. William Hoskinson received his medical degree at Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Sky Ridge Medical Center in Denver, Colo.

Medicine was a familiar career choice in Dr. Hoskinson’s family. His grandfather is an OB GYN, his father an Internal Medicine physician and his mother a respiratory therapist. After receiving an undergraduate degree in psychology, Dr. Hoskinson completed his BSN in nursing and worked as an ICU nurse before attending medical school.

He prefers the culture of a smaller town with Gillette feeling like home to him over other places he interviewed. As a hospitalist, Dr. Hoskinson really enjoys seeing older patients. He feels that his job is to connect with his patients and their families and give them honest options about their care and treatment based on his training and expertise.

The CCH hospitalist program was created in 2008 to provide patients with immediate, round-the-clock access to a healthcare provider who works exclusively in the hospital. Instead of specializing in caring for a specific disease such as a cardiologist or oncologist does, a hospitalist is trained to take care of you during your entire hospital stay. Hospitalists work closely with other key people in the hospital, such as nurses, pharmacists, discharge planners and clergy.

  • Hospitalist medicine is the fastest growing medical specialty in the U.S.
  • CCH has 11 hospitalists who care for both adult and pediatric patients.
  • Today – there are over 52,000 practicing hospitalists.

How does the hospitalist know about me?
The hospitalist uses the medical record to review your medical history. They can also communicate with your primary care physician or clinic to request any information they feel is important in taking care of you while in the hospital.

What happens if I need a specialist?
Because hospitalists are available 24/7 and they know every specialist and department in the hospital, they will be sure to get you the specialized care you need.

What happens after I am discharged?
Patients return to their established primary care provider for follow-up care. If you do not have a primary care provider, we can help you find one.

Affiliations Campbell County Memorial Hospital
  • College
  • Sky Ridge Medical Center Chief Internal Medicine Resident
  • Sky Ridge Medical Center Internal Medicine Program
  • Doctorate of Osteopathy Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine

  • Bachelor of Nursing Regis University