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Thank you to our veterans

Today, November 11, is Veterans Day. A day of remembrance and patriotism. A day to be proud of and to recognize our veterans who have stood in harm’s way to protect the freedoms we enjoy.

For those who don't know, Veterans Day was originally referred to as Armistice Day, which represented the cessation of hostilities in World War I on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. In 1954, after having been through both World War II and the Korean War, Congress amended the Act of 1938 to honor American veterans of all wars.

For the veterans who served or currently serve, and for those who work or provide professional services at Campbell County Health and Campbell County Medical Group, thank you for selflessly putting aside your needs to protect our nation. We are eternally grateful for you:

  • Dr. Laura Anders
  • Dr. Jeffrey Anderson
  • Brian Austin, CRNA
  • Aaron Beyerl, Plant Operations
  • Adam Boothe, Security
  • Steve Crichton, Plant Operations
  • Dr. Tom Davis
  • Alvin Dove, CPS
  • Taya Fisher, Material Management
  • Andy Fitzgerald, CEO
  • Dr. Peter Fort
  • Jason Frye, EMS
  • Craig Furman, Lab
  • Laura Garro, Nutrition Services
  • Ken George, Pharmacy
  • Bobby Gonzales, Plant Operations
  • Susan Hall, Maternal Child
  • Chris Harrison, Information Systems
  • Dr. Sara Hartsaw
  • Dave Hind, BioMed
  • Shawn Holland, House Supervisor
  • Navar Holmes, Information Systems
  • Marie Hull, Care Management
  • Stephanie Kapinus, BHS
  • Cliff Knesel, ECD
  • Bob Larson, Rehab Services
  • Dr. Joe Lawrence
  • Danielle Maney, Pioneer Manor
  • Dr. John Mansell
  • Missy Mason, MedSurg
  • Rebekah Matthews, Patient Accounting
  • Mindy Mattis, Lab
  • Baerbel Merrill, Professional Development
  • Jeremy Onsgard, EMS
  • Dr. Blanca Osario
  • Tim Perkins, CPS
  • Steven Peterson, CPS
  • Laura Puffer, Information Systems
  • Robert Quintana, Pharmacy
  • Maggie Quiriarte, WIC
  • Hank Regan, Plant Operations
  • Michele Ridgeway, Community Relations
  • Rich Ryan, Patient Access
  • JC Sanchez, Wellness
  • Lee Sanders, Surgery
  • Christina Santos, Cath Lab
  • Dean Schipansky, Environmental Services
  • Barry Shannon, EMS
  • Laurie Shannon, Cancer Center
  • Steve Spencer, Laundry
  • Bill Stangl, CCMG
  • Dr. Mike Stolpe
  • Jamie Swift, Home Health & Hospice
  • Kim Tutt, CPS
  • Aaron Volk, Lab
  • Matt Walter, Security
  • Benjamin Webber, CPS
  • Shay Whetstone, Maternal Child
  • Paul Wolfe, Nutrition Services
  • Dr. William Woodward

Please accept our apologies if anyone has been omitted.