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What does a hospital Chief of Staff do?

Campbell County Health, like all health systems and hospitals, works closely with their medical staff to provide quality care for patients. Physicians and Advanced Care Professionals diagnose and treat illness and injury, and hospitals and healthcare systems provide the facilities, equipment and supplies, and staff to care for patients.

The medical staff at Campbell County Health operates under a written set of bylaws, rules and regulations and policies as part of their organizational structure. Medical staff members serve on numerous committees, and elect a Chief of Staff every two years. The Chief of Staff is the head of the medical staff, responsible for providing leadership and guidance to the medical staff and promoting effective communication between the medical staff, administration and Board of Trustees.

The Chief of Staff must be an active member of the medical staff and receives training for their role in both medical staff leadership and medical administrative activities prior to assuming their term. Though the position requires a commitment of eight-10 hours per week, the Chief of Staff continues to practice medicine during their term.