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Dehydration Symptoms in Kids

Dehydration Symptoms in Kids

Identifying Signs of Dehydration in Small Children

Dehydration is a condition that happens when too much fluid is lost at a given time. This means that you’re losing more water than you’re taking in, hindering your body’s ability to function properly. Although it is more common for people to experience dehydration during the warmer months, it can happen at any time of the year, especially in small children and babies. This is what you should know to help keep your little one properly hydrated.

Symptoms to Look Out For

As humans, we lose fluids every day through sweat, tears, vomiting, urine, and stool. Children and babies are very susceptible to experiencing dehydration because they are more likely to cry, vomit, and have diarrhea.

Although there are many universal symptoms that suggest someone may be dehydrated, certain warning signs are unique to children and babies. Here’s are some symptoms you should keep n eye out for to see if your little one may be dehydrated:

  • A dry or itchy mouth and tongue
  • Eyes that appear sunken
  • No tears when crying
  • Peeing less often
  • No wet diapers for 3 hours or more
  • Your baby’s soft spot on the top of their head appears sunken
  • They have dry skin
  • They seem more irritable
  • They are abnormally tired
  • They seem dizzy
  • A high fever

If you notice any of the following symptoms, you should seek immediate care for your little one as quickly as possible:

  • Confusion
  • Fainting or losing consciousness
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Rapid breathing

When to Seek Help

If your little one’s symptoms persist or become severe and you believe they are in need of immediate care, the Walk-in Clinic in Gillette, Wyoming, is here to help. When it comes to urgent care, each patient can expect us to help them get back to life with quality care and personalized service. Save your spot in line or walk-in today! Learn more at