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City of Gillette

Employee & Spouse Health Screening 2020

Company Code: CTY2020

  • City Hall Second Floor Community Room, 6-11 am: January 6-10
  • CCH Wellness, 1901 Energy Court Suite 125, 6-11 am: January 13-17


Registration opens November 25 at 8 am. Registration closes at noon the day before each screening. Online registration is requested.

Make an Appointment

Can't see the button? Click this link to make an appointment:

  • Step 1: First time Users: Click ‘Create An Account’
    Returning Users: Login with username/password
  • Step 2: Enter Company Code: CTY2020
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to select a screening to attend
  • Step 4: If you are registering yourself and a spouse, a separate account must be created for each of you. Simply start at “Create an Account” again when registering your spouse.

Problems registering? Please call 307-688-8055 between 9 am- 4 pm MST and provide them with your company code.

What’s included in my health screening?

The health screening is open to employees and spouses on the City of Gillette medical insurance plan. The screening includes the following:

Wellness Package 1 (required for wellness program)

  • Blood: Wellness Panel, CBC
  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Composition
  • Health Coaching: If participating in City of Gillette wellness program please call 307-688-8051 to schedule your health coach appointment.

Optional Screenings

  • PSA (males)
  • Hemoglobin A1C (diabetics)
  • Vitamin D
  • Pulmonary Function Test

Additional Lab Screenings available

What to do before the screening

  • Fast for at least 10 hours prior to your screening
  • Drink plenty of water 24 hours prior to your screening. It is ok to drink black coffee before the screening.
  • Take medications as prescribed
  • No strenuous exercise 10 hours prior to your screening
  • Do not attend if you have severe cold or flu symptoms
  • If possible, wear clothes with loose fitting sleeves
  • If you are diabetic, please consider scheduling an early appointment


August 2017

Can you believe that summer is nearly over!

Summer is in full swing! It’s my favorite time of the year-fruits and veggies are abundant, BBQ smells fill the air, the sun is shining, we’re rocking the shorts and shades, softball is being played and everyone gets outside. I love it and all the memories made! I hope you all are enjoying the summer love as much as I am and that this newsletter finds you in great spirits and better health.

As we move forward through these fun months, I hope you are able to take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy your longer days. Spend precious time with your family, unplug and put away the electronics. This edition of our newsletter has some great tips to take the tech out of your life.

Soak up the sun this summer-just not too much! But if you do, read on and you’ll find home remedies to help soothe your skin. I’ve included tips for you as you eat on the go while headed out on the road and a great recipe to share with family and friends, hot off the grill.

As always, you will find featured articles-Ask the Health Coach, Work It! and Know Your Numbers. This edition covers the topics of body weight exercises, cholesterol and tobacco addiction.

To your health,

Rachel Wilde, CPT, PBT
CCH Wellness Health Coach

Download a print version of this newsletter here

The Latest Word From Wellness is provided by Campbell County Health Wellness
1901 Energy Court, Suite 125 (first floor) I Gillette, WY 82718

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May 2017

Spring is a time for renewal!
Jean-Jacques Rousseau said, “patience is bitter, but it’s fruit is sweet.”

Such a true comment if you live in Wyoming. Spring rolls in with fresh air, green grass, an extra hour of daylight-along with extreme allergies and 90 MPH winds-and I always gain new hope! Spring is truly a time of renewal. Baby animals are running around, flowers start to bloom and life just seems more positive. I haven’t decided if it’s really the change of the season or if it’s just me catching a bit more sunshine; but either way, May is just a happy month for me!

I often see this new found glimmer of hope in my health coaching clients as well. They seem to feel ready to take on new challenges, they’re typically excited for warmer weather so that they can get out and grill more and the abundance of fruits and veggies that are available makes everyone happy too! My clients get outside more with their families and they start to move more-whether it’s through spring sports like softball or just doing some yard work.

I wonder sometimes if we were able to enjoy the outdoors more, playing and yard working, spending time on the grill and eating all the seasonal foods we adore without frostbite if the world would be a better place. Deep thoughts! I do know that if we made the most of all the opportunities we have (during the sizzling or freezing months of the year) we would definitely be in better spirits, and we would enjoy better health.

This month’s The Latest News from CCH Wellness Newsletter is about taking advantage of the opportunities you have. Inside, you will find:

Here is wishing you a wonderful spring, full of the joys of new things, fresh air and improved health. I hope it brings to you the same joy and excitement I feel!

Rachel Wilde, PBT, CPT, MA
Health Coach

Download a print version of this newsletter here

The Latest Word From Wellness is provided by Campbell County Health Wellness
1901 Energy Court, Suite 125 (first floor) I Gillette, WY 82718

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February 2017

Here’s to an Excellent 2017!

Every year, starting in November through January, I find myself bombarded by advertisements and commercials, magazines articles and cookbooks that are aimed at making the year at hand, “the best ever!”

Change what you eat, change what you do, change how you live and it’s guaranteed that you will have your “best health ever!” Dr. Oz said it will work! Try this diet, follow this plan, spend your money or time on this product and surely you will “look your best ever!” It worked for Chuck Norris... Go to this gym, eat this food, drink this supplement. You will be “your happiest ever!” Even Oprah Winfrey is on the bandwagon this year.

I think it’s a bit overwhelming to be compelled to be THE BEST. I’m pretty sure it isn’t in my genes to be No. 1-I’m just not as awesome as Bob Harper or Jillian Michaels.

So, this brings me to my point. Why does this year have to be THE BEST? Can’t it be great or even good? What a tremendous goal to attain! And really, is that even realistic? If you are working with a CCH Health Coach, they just might ask you about that.

So let’s get real. This year, I’m hoping that you are able to choose a piece or two of your life you can improve upon, something small that will help you have a better year than last year without killing yourself to be the best! Because, really, I think you are all pretty great already!

In this newsletter, you will find ideas and tips that will indeed help you have a better year. Articles include:

And, don't forget to enter the Wellness Health Specialist Quiz about the specialists at CCH by March 1, 2017 and you will be entered into a prize drawing for a Nike bag full of healthy goodies!

Vince Lombardi said, “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” With the right approach, 2017 might just be excellent!

Rachel Wilde, PBT, CPT, MA
Health Coach

Have an interesting story idea, question or comment? Give Rachel a call at 307-688-8051 or email

Download a print version of this newsletter here

The Latest Word From Wellness is provided by Campbell County Health Wellness
1901 Energy Court, Suite 125 (first floor) I Gillette, WY 82718

Have Questions? Contact your CCH Health Coaches:

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