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Cheryl Trembath, LPC

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About Cheryl

Cheryl Trembath is a Licensed Professional Counselor at Behavioral Health Services in Gillette, Wyoming.

Licensed in WY in 2017 with provisional and obtained full license in 2019. I have worked as a Juvenile Probation officer for about 10 years prior to with an additional year working in child protection services.

I started with CCH in February of 2020 after working for one year in the women's prison as a mental health provider. I have worked prior to that in a juvenile treatment facility for about a year and a half, and worked in adult residential treatment for about six months. I have spent much of my time working in substance abuse and trauma. I became trained in EMDR in 2018-2019 and use different forms of EMDR in all my sessions, which addresses mental health issues as well as substance abuse. I love being a therapist. I love the fact that I get to walk a short distant with each one of clients on their journey to a healthier life. I have experienced both sides of the counseling arena; I have been both the therapist and the client. I know firsthand how much a good therapist can assist us on our journey to a healthier life style and how important it is to have the right fit in order for us to heal and move forward on our journey in life. I enjoy working with all ages, and like doing trauma and substance abuse work the most.

In looking how I have gotten to where I am today. The use of EMDR when working with adults in residential treatment had great results. I saw how much of an impact this had on the clients and fell in love with the process. When it comes to working at CCH, this leads to a story. This is my third time living in Gillette, WY. I have loved it each time I have lived here. They were hiring, I could not resist the chance to apply. I have viewed Gillette as my home for a long time and this just felt like I was coming home.

When it comes to why I picked CCH, CCH is a great place to work. I had heard great things about CCH when I first moved to Gillette in 1996. Working here was a chance to give back to the community that I have grown to love. When it comes to what brings the most pride in my work is when I see the people I work with have those ah ha moments.

When it comes to my approach or philosophy on patient care, it is very simple and easy. The client is the center of his or her own therapy. They know themselves better than anyone else ever will. To assist a client to become healthier is the best feeling ever. I am very person centered in my treatment. EMDR supports the client-centered philosophy. I also use Gestalt, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive behavior therapy, Dialect Behavioral therapy, as well as psychotherapy.

I do not have a mental health hero. I have worked with some great therapist who have helped on my journey here but none that stand out.

One piece of advice for a therapy-seeker would be life is a journey and at times, we all need assistance on that journey. Do not be afraid to reach out and ask someone to walk with you on that journey no one has to do it alone.

What do I do for fun? I love to work on houses; I love to go horseback riding and spending time with my dogs. I like driving trucks, running heavy equipment like backhoes and front-end loaders. Spending time with my friends are all things that I like to do for fun.

Affiliations Campbell County Memorial Hospital
  • College
  • Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling Capella University
    Minneapolis, MN
  • bachelors’ degrees in psychology and criminal justice University of Wyoming
    Laramie, WY
Medical Interests Areas of Interest:

Certificate in Addictions

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)

Equine therapy

Substance Abuse