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What is Our UCHealth Affiliation?

On September 2021, Campbell County Health became an affiliate of UCHealth. What does this mean for CCH, and what does this mean for Northeast Wyoming residents? Continue reading to learn more.

Our affiliation is part of our commitment to become the first choice for healthcare and wellness in Wyoming. Affiliation enables CCH to achieve milestones, pursue initiatives, and achieve savings that would not be possible without the resources of a large healthcare system like UCHealth.

What the affiliation is

  • A partnership where we gain the resource advantages of UCHealth
  • We maintain our autonomy while having a robust relationship with UCHealth
  • UCHealth resources enable us to keep more patients here at home and build a local health system for patients that truly embodies Excellence Every Day

What the affiliation IS NOT

  • We are NOT owned by UCHealth
  • We are NOT controlled by UCHealth
  • We are NOT sending our patients away to UCHealth

What has been accomplished so far?

  • In our first year of affiliation we saved $600,000 by tapping into UCHealth's group buying power and taking advantage of significant discounts.
  • UCHealth aided in the successful recruitment of our Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Human Resources Officer.
  • UCHealth aided CCH in the completion of a comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment to help guide strategic planning address our community's most pressing needs.

This only the beginning and there is much more more to come! From modernizing our electronic health records system, to adopting best practices across the board - UCHealth is helping us fully embody Excellence Every Day.

"UCHealth's support and resources will help us improve patient care and keep more patients here at home. CCH is still very much a locally owned and independent hospital - but with the benefit of having a partner with a wealth of resources and experience by our side to support us." - Campbell County Health CEO Matt Shahan

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