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James Griggs, MD

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About James

Dr. Griggs and his family relocated to Gillette from Florida – a move long in the making.

“I kind of just fell in love with the area about a decade ago, and until now never had the opportunity to get back out here [Wyoming],” said Dr. Griggs. “My wife enjoys having a change of seasons here, and I love the open plains of the area.”

Dr. Griggs always had an interest in medicine growing up – though, in college, he focused on engineering and math. Through some reflection and exploration, eventually, he took courses in first responder medicine to train as an EMT. These experiences were profound for Dr.Griggs – so much so that he decided to go all in and pursue an MD. Like many other providers, Dr. Griggs wanted a human connection in his work. He also wanted a direct tangible impact to his work. These things drove him towards medicine and away from the traditional STEM careers, he had considered.

“The human element is what brings more uniqueness to it,” said Dr.Griggs. “You get the opportunity to genuinely connect with folks – something I realized I needed to have in my career.”

Dr. Griggs was drawn towards urgent care due to his first responder coursework background in his earlier years. In particular, he enjoys constantly being able to meet new people in his role. Dr. Griggs finds it rewarding to be a calming presence to patients who can often be confused, frightened, and concerned when they are in a situation requiring urgent care.

Outside of work, Dr.Griggs has various interests and hobbies. Bowling, golf, archery, music, gaming, and anything else hands-on that can keep Dr.Griggs busy find their way into the time he spends outside work.

Affiliations Campbell County Memorial Hospital
  • Residency
  • Grant Medical Center Columbus, OH
  • Medical School
  • Ross University School of Medicine Dominica, IT
  • College
  • Florida State University Tallahassee, FL