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Micayla Hinds, CNP,MSN

About Micayla

Campbell County Medical Group welcomes Micayla Hinds, a highly skilled nurse practitioner specializing in Pediatric Otolaryngology (ENT). Hinds' expertise and passion for helping children will be a valuable addition as she joins Dr. Ryan Black in the ENT Clinic. Originally from Washington, Hinds is no stranger to small towns, which has instilled in her a sense of community and connection to smaller towns like Gillette.

"I've only had positive interactions here [Gillette]," said Micayla Hinds. "Everyone has been so welcoming and kind. I knew this community would be a great fit for me."

Hinds has always enjoyed working with kids, and that passion extended to her medical practice when she became a nurse practitioner. For Hinds, Dr. Black's approach to his practice and his enthusiasm were key in her decision to join the CCH team.

"I am thrilled to join the team at CCH and work alongside Dr. Ryan Black," said Hinds. "I have always enjoyed working with kids, and being in the ENT field allows me to encounter a range of cases, which is both challenging and engaging as I work to consistently make a positive impact."

Having earned her Master of Science in Nursing from the MGH Institute for Health Professions, Hinds is excited to leverage her extensive training to provide exceptional healthcare to young patients with ear, nose, and throat conditions. She believes in empowering families to make decisions for their children, and she sees her role as collaborative – helping families arrive at the right decision for them.

"For me, empowering parents in their children's healthcare decisions is the highest importance," said Hinds. "I believe in collaborative decision-making, where parents play a crucial role in creating a treatment plan tailored to their child's needs. Together, we can achieve the best possible outcomes."

Hinds enjoys exploring the outdoors, playing card games, photography, and cherishing meaningful moments with her friends and family in her leisure time.

  • College
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology The George Washington University
    Washington, DC
  • Master of Science in Nursing MGH Institute of Health Professions
    Boston, MD
  • Certified Holistic Health Practitioner Trinity School of Natural Health
    Warsaw, IN