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CCMH CEO Responds to Court Decision

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  • Written By: Andy Fitzgerald, CEO
CCMH CEO Responds to Court Decision

There are so many other issues I would rather blog about than this one, but it is a reality for CCMH. In an effort to continue to be transparent, I think I should just discuss it and give my opinion.

In the Gillette News Record today (July 3, 2013) there is an article about a malpractice lawsuit CCMH has been involved in, Court: Hospital ordered to pay woman $2M; Appeals court also upheld $7M jury award to injured husband. The case involved an ER patient and CCMH.

While I won't rehash all the facts in the case, you will read where we have lost this case on appeal and the original jury verdict of $9.0 million will be upheld. Our malpractice carrier will cover the payout of this decision. I want to emphasize that we strongly disagree with this decision and the amount of the award. The ER is a challenging patient care environment to say the least. Our malpractice system in the United State is seriously flawed, and this award is a reflection of that flawed system.

I believe we have a great hospital. I believe our employees and medical staff come to work every day to help people.

Don't get me wrong. CCMH is made up of human beings and human beings make mistakes. I know I do. However, we have hundreds of thousands of patient and resident interactions every year, and when you look at our objective quality measurements of the care we provide, they are very good.

We recognize we have to get better, and so long as I am CEO, we will never rest from past success but will always find the next level of improvement towards which we will strive. I want to emphasize to all my fellow employees reading this blog, keep doing all the right things and we will be successful. Our healthcare system has some flaws in it and this is one of those. Hold your head high for the work you do, the great care you give our patients and residents, and the mission that we have as an organization.

Thank you for your work, and have a good holiday weekend.


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