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CCMH Participates in Medication Donation Program

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer CR
CCMH Participates in Medication Donation Program

CCMH is participating in a program called the Wyoming Medication Donation Program, supported by the Wyoming Department of Health and the Health Innovation Award. It’s a way for eligible Wyoming residents to get medications if they don’t have insurance.

The program has been in place since 2007, helping Wyoming residents fill more than 66,000 prescriptions worth about $4.3 million. Patients apply for the program, and if accepted, receive their medication in two-three days.

Behavioral Health Services has been donating medication to the program for some time now, sending medications that are appropriately packaged, unused and unexpired. Now those medications are collected in a central location at the hospital and a courier regularly transports them to the distribution center in Cheyenne, eliminating the need for additional packaging and shipping. Other departments, such as long term care can now easily donate their eligible medications to the program. If for some reason the donated medications aren’t used, the program also disposes of them in an environmentally responsible way.

The program doesn’t accept narcotics, refrigerated medications, open packages or expired medications, but the effort is still worthwhile, according to Sue Ullrich, Quality and Patient Safety Manager.

“The central location and courier pick-up makes it easy for us to participate,” said Sue.” Our Pharmacy staff still have to inventory and document the donations, but this is a way we can help people get the medications they need.”

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