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Long Term Care Week

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  • Written By: Andy Fitzgerald
Long Term Care Week

Last week we celebrated National Hospital Week, and this week we want to recognize and celebrate Long Term Care (LTC) Week at Pioneer Manor. The awesome staff we have at Pioneer Manor take care of a wonderful group of residents. Each day they look after the daily needs of residents and address the medical needs that exist as well.

Something you may not know is that my own mother was a resident at Pioneer Manor for four years until she passed away a few years back. I can remember her laughing with the CNAs, being comforted by nurses, and eating dinner with her tablemates. Our staff at Pioneer Manor care deeply about the residents and become very attached to them over time. It is a unique relationship they have because of the length of time they have to develop those important relationships.

Administrator Jonni Belden is leading the way by taking our LTC to the next level of service excellence and clinical quality. Our Medical Director, Dr. Bernadette Meade, is dedicated to seeing our residents receive top notch care. Our nursing staff is dedicated to treating our residents with safe and appropriate care during each interaction. In Dietary, we are trying to find new ways to improve the quality and variety of food. Whether it's Laundry, Rehab, Environmental Services, Social Services, Administration/Billing or Maintenance, we have a dedicated staff whose mission is quality of life for our residents.

Thank you for taking care of our family, friends, and neighbors at Pioneer Manor. You make a difference in their lives.


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