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CEO Surgery Experience, Day 2

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  • Written By: Andy Fitzgerald, CEO
CEO Surgery Experience, Day 2

Editor's Note: What follows is a first-person account on a surgical procedure and rehabilitation that CEO Andy Fitzgerald is going through at Campbell County Health. He plans to post his account several times over the course of the next two weeks.

Day Two
As is the case with everything in life, the good and the bad can go hand in hand -- and that goes for having surgery. Right now, my good and bad looks a little like this:

  • Good, Percocet - bad, pain
  • Good, wife - bad, dog
  • Good, Masters Golf Tournament - bad, People's Court
  • Good, apple - bad potato chip

The good is the outcome; the bad is the process to get there. I'm learning to be a patient, but the problem is I don't have very good patience.

For the past 36 hours since I've had surgery, I have slept a total of 30 minutes. It seems I just can't get comfortable or in any position that really lends itself for resting.

The good news is I'm getting caught up on my reading and watching the Masters Golf Tournament.

The bad news is I'm getting really, really, really tired.

Monday is my first appointment with CCMH Rehabilitation Services, so I'll report back to you after that experience. Not sure I'm looking forward to working my shoulder, but it is the first step in the process to get better and back to full recovery.

Finally, I realize my surgery was elective. So while uncomfortable and a little painful at times, it will pass and it will get better. There are those who suffer much greater and much more traumatic medical events than what I've experienced. So, I am gaining appreciation and respect for our patients who undergo much more serious and life-changing events than I've experienced in the last day or so.

Check back with me on Monday as I begin my rehab.


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