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A peek at some CCMH projects in 2014

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  • Written By: Andy Fitzgerald, CEO
A peek at some CCMH projects in 2014

Well, the New Year is here. I can tell because when I go to the Rec Center, there are all these new people I haven’t seen since last January. They all have this very determined look of, “I will succeed this year!” etched on their sweaty faces.

I also know it is the New Year because we are all talking about the Super Bowl, followed closely by thoughts of Spring Training. I personally was hoping for a Denver-Seattle show down; but, let’s face it, we all are most interested in the commercials.

Some new projects and services will also become apparent at CCMH this year.

  • For the first time ever, we will have interventional cardiology delivered right here at CCMH. Before summer, no longer will our patients have to travel by plane, train or automobile to some other location for those services.
  • We also watch with great anticipation as the new Long-Term Care facility begins to take shape. You can watch the updates at or on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.
  • We have a new marketing partnership with Jet Marketing out of Ft. Collins, Colo., and I am excited to see that partnership yield some great results for us.
  • We are in the second year of our Studer partnership, and Excellence Every Day is the best description of where we want to go in the future. CCMH's new Standards Team has been working on an employee guide on standards, and I am both impressed and excited for the work they have done.

Those are just a few of the items of note for this year, and there are many more new and exciting things to come. CCMH is a busy place filled with busy people, but we always want to make sure we do our best for our patients and residents.


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