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Radiology remodels and expands

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  • Written By: Andy Fitzgerald, CEO
Radiology remodels and expands

Radiology remodels and expands: both of those words are important to our patients.

A brand new Radiology department will open in early May, the first major expansion in this service since the hospital opened in 1982. The focus is really on patient convenience and comfort, beginning with the location. Patients will enter the department just off the main lobby by the Gift Shoppe, close to Patient Access (or Registration). There are three separate waiting areas with large, patient-friendly dressing rooms and a dedicated Women’s Services area. I’m not much for noticing interior decorating (just ask my wife), but the whole department has soothing colors, comfortable surroundings and soft music. Those small comforts are important because most people come to us because something may be wrong with them or a loved one, and a little extra pampering can make a big impact.

The remodeling also includes the addition of some new, state-of-the-art equipment, like a new mammography machine. This new mammography technology gives the Radiologists quality images with reduced radiation for the patient and it has the capability to upgrade to 3D imaging when this technology is approved by the FDA.

Both the new CT scanner and new MRI have a larger bore, or opening, that can really help people who are anxious in small spaces or are a little bit larger. The MRI has a quiet feature that significantly decreases the noise, which is a real plus if you’ve ever had an MRI before.

The total area for Radiology services has almost doubled, from 8,030 to 15,000 square feet, with some room to grow in the future. Some services will continue to be offered in the previous location, such as X-ray and CT due to the proximity to the Emergency Department.

The new technology is impressive and the new space is beautiful and functional, but the passion of the Radiology staff for what they do is the most exciting part of this project. We now have great space to go along with great staff. During the Open House last week they enthusiastically guided guests into their respective areas to talk about how the new equipment and facilities will improve the experience for the patient. Those employees are at the heart of what this remodel and expansion means, and we can’t wait for you to see it.


View pictures of the Radiology Open House on our Facebook page.

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