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Resident and Family Satisfaction Survey

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  • Written By: Jonni Belden

We appreciate the feedback you have given us on Pioneer Manor's recent Resident and Family Satisfaction Survey. We are listening to you and your family and strive to meet your expectations. Overall 90% of the survey questions (key drivers for satisfaction) showed improvement from last year. 70% of residents were more satisfied than their family members. Respondents (Residents and Families) stated 80%-91.4% are “Always Satisfied” with the care provided.

Our goal is to have every area that is important to your satisfaction at Pioneer Manor at 90% or better. I have included a phone directory listing (on the following page) to help you contact staff for questions.

Several areas we are working on include the following:

  1. Staff education and practice for emergency situations to ensure appropriate communication is an ongoing process. Our education coordinator is excellent and ensures education is completed for all staff. All staff complete annual training in skills necessary to do their jobs in addition to ongoing education pertinent to their job.
  2. All staff at Pioneer Manor are expected to introduce themselves and say thank you after caring for you. Please remind us all if we fail to do so.
  3. Chelsey Petersen, RN, Administrative Director of Nursing and Heather Senger Nurse Director monitor call light responses. Our goal is to answer call lights within five minutes 90% of the time. Currently overall our rate is 84%, many strategies are in place to assist in improving this number including rounding on residents more frequently to anticipate needs. Call light times are extended around meals and preparing residents for bed.
  4. Please let me know concerns regarding timeliness of communications. I personally want to make sure managers, supervisors, laundry, nutrition and social services are responding to your questions and concerns in a timely manner. Any complaints will be followed up as quickly as possible.
  5. Managing the laundry can be a challenge at times, as we all have lost our socks in the dryer. Multiply that by 118 and it can be a tricky situation. Laundry services are working hard to provide the best service possible. All laundry must be marked, even if done by the family. Please contact Margaret Stanojev if you have questions regarding laundry. As the holiday season approaches, please bring your gifts in early so we can mark them, then they will be ready for your loved one to open on Christmas.
  6. Fresh home cooked meals are Heidi Gillette’s goal. Heidi’s Licensed Dietitian background ensures the meals are appropriate for the resident’s medical conditions. Please feel free to contact her with any suggestions or ideas. We regret our meals are being served late in the dining rooms. We are working hard to train our staff on enhancing the dining experience and we hope you will soon be noticing the difference.

The survey also identified opportunities for improvement in the following areas:

  • Value for Price Paid
  • Physician Accessibility
  • Emergency Response
  • Quality of Healthcare
  • Quality of Food
  • New Resident Orientation