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Cardiology Clinic Offers Extensive Care

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer
Cardiology Clinic Offers Extensive Care

You may be surprised to learn that Campbell County Health provides cardiology care that’s well beyond what you’d expect from a city the size of Gillette, rivaling area hospitals as far as Cody and Rapid City.

When Doctors Nicholas Stamato and Sairav Shah came to Gillette over two years ago to launch advanced cardiology services and open the state-of-the-art Cardiac Cath Lab, they changed the landscape of cardiology in Gillette.

The doctors utilize a “radial approach” in the Cath Lab more than 70% of the time, when the catheter is inserted through a vein in the patient's wrist.

This results in shorter recovery times, fewer bleeding complications and improved patient satisfaction.

Besides the advanced Cardiac Cath Lab, Campbell County Medical Group offers a Cardiology Clinic where patients receive consultation and regular follow up care for a variety of conditions including coronary artery disease, stents, bypass surgery, artificial valves, defibrillators, pacemakers and more. With the addition of Whitney Fevold, APRN, getting seen urgently for specialty cardiac care has never been easier.

Here are the four services you may not know we offer:

Electrophysiology lab. Electrophysiology is a subspecialty of cardiology that treats irregular heart rhythms. Special equipment provides a 3-D map of the heart.

“When the heart goes too slow, we can place a pacemaker, when it goes to fast we can insert an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD),” said Dr. Stamato.

The Cardiology Clinic has a patient education class for implanted devices (pacemakers and defibrillators) that meets weekly. Cardiologists track patient cardiac reports on a daily basis via Internet readouts, watching for activity that indicates a problem.

“We often detect something’s wrong long before the patient realizes it,” Dr. Stamato said.

Stress testing. The Clinic offers a variety of cardiac stress testing including exercise stress tests with and without nuclear imaging, and chemical stress tests with and without echocardiograms.

“Anyone who exhibits concerning symptoms for coronary artery disease or has risk factors, including family history, are candidates for cardiac stress testing,” says Whitney Fevold, APRN.

Heart monitoring. Cutting edge, convenient skin patches the size of a quarter help monitor heart rhythms to determine if a patient has an irregular heartbeat that’s causing dizziness.

Echocardiography lab. Two certified cardio echo technicians complete a variety of echocardiograms (map of heart rhythms).

Whitney Fevold

Cardiology Clinic welcomes APRN
Whitney Fevold, APRN, joined the Cardiology Clinic in February to provide routine cardiovascular care and perform stress tests. Whitney, a Gillette native, earned an advanced practice registered nurse degree and completed a semester-long cardiac rotation in graduate school. She also worked in a busy cardiac ICU in Texas taking care of heart transplant, artificial heart valve and bypass surgery patients before returning to Gillette.

To learn more about cardiology services in Gillette, visit or call 307-688-3700.

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