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Top-notch pediatric care in your hometown

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  • Written By: Kim Phagan-Hansel
Top-notch pediatric care in your hometown

Melissa Birk thought her infant son’s head didn’t look quite right. Though she voiced her concern with her pediatrician, it wasn’t until an appointment with a different pediatrician, Campbell County Medical Group PediatricsDr. Vijaya Koduri, that her son’s serious condition was diagnosed.

Melissa had taken Jonah to CCMG’s Walk-in Clinic in May 2015 for what turned out to be RSV, a respiratory virus that can be serious in young children. She needed to schedule a follow-up appointment and when she couldn’t get into her son’s regular pediatrician, so she scheduled one with Dr. Koduri. It was at that appointment that Dr. Koduri noticed that Jonah’s head was developing abnormally.

“The first thing she noticed was there was a problem with his head,” Melissa said. “It’s something she caught right away. It was frustrating because we had pointed out the issue to other doctors.”

After examining Jonah’s head, Dr. Koduri ordered a number of tests and Jonah was ultimately diagnosed with craniosynostosis, a birth defect that causes a baby’s skull to close prematurely before the brain is fully formed. Untreated, it can cause blindness and developmental delays. Because Dr. Koduri was able to properly diagnose Jonah, he was able to have surgery at Children’s Hospital Colorado in Denver to correct the problem.

“It could have been a bad deal for him,” Melissa said. “She saw him the day we got back from Denver,” and Dr. Koduri has been Jonah’s pediatrician ever since then.

Since his diagnosis, Melissa has moved not only Jonah to Dr. Koduri’s care, but her daughter’s as well. With Dr. Koduri’s professionalism and knowledge, along with her ability to connect with children, Melissa said she’s thankful her children have great care.

“I like that she’s very professional and describes everything in detail,” Melissa said. “She’s friendly and very knowledgeable. My kids really like her.”

Vijaya Koduri

Building that strong connection with patients is important to Dr. Koduri, who has been practicing in Gillette for more than two years.

“My patients are small children, so I come to their level,” Dr. Koduri said. “Interaction before examination helps make them comfortable.”

Because many of her patients are small children, Dr. Koduri also must communicate important health care details to the parents of her patients. That unique triad between the patients, parents and doctor is a unique dynamic that Dr. Koduri said she enjoys working with immensely.

“I try to explain to patients and their parents what’s going on in a language they understand,” Dr. Koduri said. “Parents need a lot of reassurance and explaining what’s going on with their child. Clear communication between the physicians and parents is important.”

A thorough head-to-toe examination of patients also helps to ensure she doesn’t miss anything, Dr. Koduri said. Even if a patient is in for vaccinations or treatment for a cold, she makes sure to check everything, which is why she said she believes she was able to catch Jonah’s craniosynostosis.

“If I follow the protocol of examining from head to toe, I don’t miss many things,” Dr. Koduri said.

For Melissa, that thoroughness makes her trust that her children receive high quality health care through Dr. Koduri.

“She’s someone we can trust,” Melissa said. “She really recognized a misdiagnosis and we’re very happy with the care she provides.”

Article written by Kim Phagan-Hansel, Wyoming freelance writer

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