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Depending on Quality Care

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  • Written By: By Kim Phagan-Hansel
Depending on Quality Care

Bonnie Tranel never imagined she would have to find long term care for her young adult daughter, but everything turned upside down when her 18-year-old Sherri was diagnosed with encephalitis. Sherri was a busy college freshman at the University of Iowa when she was struck with the life-threatening illness that caused her to become wheelchair bound and suffer a number of physical and mental setbacks.

After months in the hospital, Bonnie had to make a decision about how she would care for her daughter. Though she had recently moved to Iowa herself, she knew she needed to move back to Gillette to be close to her other daughters and support system.

“After we knew she wasn’t going to get better, we decided to move her,” Bonnie said. “She was going to school and now she’s in a wheelchair. The disease had gradually taken her down.”

Bonnie moved Sherri into Pioneer Manor 27 years ago so Sherri could have all of her special needs met. For Bonnie, who knew she wasn’t capable of providing care for her daughter on a long-term basis, it was comforting to know that Sherri would be well cared for and have her health care needs met.

“I know when I leave there she is in good hands,” Bonnie said. “I don’t have to worry about her. Everyone is so friendly and they get her involved in everything. All the nurses will talk to her. The CNAs and nurses are just good with her.”

Even with that quality of care, there have been challenges through the years. Replacing the aging Pioneer Manor that was built in 1964 has been a focus for Campbell County Health since taking over the facility in 2005. In November, that long-term goal came to fruition when residents moved into The Legacy Living and Rehabilitation Center at 1000 S. Douglas Highway.

For the first time in 27 years, Sherri will move, and it will be into a 154,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility designed to provide the highest standard of living for her and other residents just like her.

“Everyone is excited to move into the nursing home,” Bonnie said. “It looks like a five-star hotel. It’s a beautiful place in a beautiful setting.”

Bonnie said Sherri is excited about everything from the private rooms to the movie theatre in the new facility. Sherri loves having people bring her coffee when they visit, but now with the new coffee shop and bistro, Sherri can have her special treat in the comfort of her own home.

That quality of care has been important for Bonnie, who visits Sherri about twice a day. It’s also been convenient for Bonnie’s other daughters, Sherri’s sisters, and their families to visit on a regular basis.

Adjacent to the Lasting Legacy Park, Bonnie is anxious to enjoy picnics and walks with Sherri through the park. Ultimately, Bonnie said she knows she made the right decision moving Sherri to Gillette and now she’s excited for her daughter’s newest adventure.

“It will be an adventure for a long time,” Bonnie said.

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