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CCH May 2018 Department Discovery: Security

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer
CCH May 2018 Department Discovery: Security

The Campbell County Health May 2018 Department Discovery shines a light the CCH Security Department, provided by HSS, Inc.

For those who don’t know, HSS specializes in health care security. In fact, health care is the company's heritage, and it is proud to be the only security services provider founded by hospitals. HSS offers turnkey security solutions with a full array of value-added services that are innovative, cost effective and patient-focused for today's most pressing health care security issues.

In the eyes of Lt. Adam Boothe, CCH Security Director, the role of the CCH Security Department is to provide a safe and secure environment for all persons at CCH and its properties, by utilizing a variety of methods. When fully staffed, the Department has seven to eight employees.

“There are a lot of great things about working in Security! One thing that really stands out is the interaction with some of our more difficult patients, and the rapport that we build with them over time,” says Adam.

In fact, HSS touts that it strives to attract team members with exceptional character, compassion and emotional intelligence. They spend many hours learning to assess and de-escalate situations, determine the best courses of action, and move steadily toward the best possible solution.

“We have a very experienced and talented team of Security Officers. We all have a background in law enforcement, military, or protection,” says Adam. “We take customer service very seriously, and we are proud to say that out of more than 200 hospitals HSS provides security for, our team has the highest (and a perfect 100%) customer service rating in the company.”

Oh, and they really dislike writing parking violation tickets around the CCH campus.

Adam reports that his team is really looking forward to the new Workplace Violence Report and documentation. “Unfortunately, the culture in health care has seen simple assault on staff, nurses and CNA’s especially as ‘just part of the job.’ That culture is changing and nobody should be subject to incidents of that nature,” he says. Moving forward, CCH is tracking the when’s, where’s and why’s of these incidents to help the Security Team better protect staff into the future. The hope is that the new documentation process will increase reporting.

A big round of applause to the CCH Security Team! Thanks for helping to keep our patients safe, happy and healthy.

You can learn more about HSS, Inc. online at