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Home Grown Docs

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer
Home Grown Docs

Physicians choose to live and practice in a small, rural community like Gillette, Wyoming for the same reasons many of us do.

These doctors grew up in and around Campbell County, and we're proud to have them on our medical staff.

This is what they have to say about practicing at CCH:

"I came back to Gillette for two reasons. The first was my family. Most of my family members and friends still live here. Secondly, when I was looking at places to work in Wyoming, I thought Campbell County Health would be the best place to work. I’ve really enjoyed being back in the community where I grew up."
Steve Clements, MD
Hospitalist at Campbell County Memorial Hospital

"I grew up in Rozet and decided to become a doctor when I was a senior in high school. I always wanted to come back to Gillette and love being out in the country. I choose family medicine as a way to reach the most people, caring for the whole family. It was more about convincing my husband (who is from Powell) to move to Gillette."
Kelly McMillin, MD
Direct Family Care (formerly Frontier Family Medicine)

"There was a physician shortage and a booming economy when I was choosing a place to practice after residency. I knew some of the doctors, like Dr. Hoadley and Dr. Gary Becker, and I worked at the hospital when I was in college. I was thankful that my wife Karen was willing to move back here with me from North Platte, Neb."
Jim Naramore, MD, Family Medicine
Family Health

"I wanted to raise our children in a smaller, close-knit community. It was a positive experience for me, attending kindergarten through high school in Gillette, so I wanted the same thing for my family."
Paul Rigsby, MD, Radiology
Gillette Medical Imaging at CCMH

"I wanted to practice in Gillette for several reasons; my family is here, it is an amazing community to raise my children, it is a great place for me to practice true General Surgery. For a community this size it is very unique to have the amazing medical resources in house at all times. It is my perfect place to live and work."
Jake Rinker, MD, General Surgery
High Plains Surgical Associates

"My wife and I grew up in Upton, Wyoming and my family and friends are still in the area. My wife is a pediatric oncologist and stays in Denver because of her specialty, but I always wanted to practice in a rural community. I was grateful to find the opportunity to come back to practice here."
Douglas Watt, MD, Radiology
Gillette Medical Imaging at CCMH

"I grew up in Gillette, and so did my husband Kent. I worked with Dr. Naramore my third year of medical school and worked with Dr. Crowder and Dr. Hartsaw in my second year of residency. I reconnected with Dr. Naramore when I finished my residency, and he wanted me to come to Gillette. I really value my long term connections with people here and the ability to care for entire families." Billie Wilkerson, MD, Family Medicine
Family Health

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