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Preventing Shoulder Injuries

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer
Preventing Shoulder Injuries

As one of the most injured joints, your shoulders do a lot of substantial lifting day-to-day. Whether you are an avid sports player, an industrial worker, or driver—your joints are getting a lot of wear and tear daily.

The best way to realize the abuse your shoulders take, and to avoid injury, is to be mindful of the below:

Work on Strength Training
Many common shoulder injuries can occur from improper form or overuse. By staying in shape, having proper muscle tone, and working on your balance and flexibility, you can decrease your chance of injury. Start any new routine slowly, listen to your body, and don’t lift too much, too early on.

Know Your Limits
If certain activities are flaring up your shoulder pain, you shouldn’t continue them. If the pain persists, bring it up to your doctor. Ignoring the pain will increase your chance of further damage and injury. The sooner you talk to your doctor about your pain, the better your chances of preventing an injury. If your job consists of physical labor, be mindful of your posture when standing and be sure to lift things with your legs properly, never your back.

Practice Proper Recovery
If pain or injury does occur, don’t let it go ignored. Rest is a significant part of the healing process, and without it, you put yourself at risk for long term pain. Rest and ice the area, consider physical therapy, and keep your arm free to move around.

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