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What to expect during your DOT physical

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer
What to expect during your DOT physical

No one likes to walk into an appointment completely blind as to what is going to take place. This is especially true for medical appointments and DOT physicals. Being prepared beforehand can not only help ease your nerves but also improve the process, so you make the most of your time. So if you have a DOT physical coming up in your near future, here’s what you should expect.

What to Expect on Physical Day
DOT exams are intended to ensure all professional drivers are healthy enough to take on the job. Because of this, you can expect to undergo the following tests on exam day:

  • Vision Testing: you’ll be checked for your peripheral vision and your ability to distinguish standard traffic signal colors.
  • Hearing: used for those who can perceive a forced whisper voice five feet or more without the use of a hearing aid. If you do not meet this requirement, you will be sent for a formal hearing test.
  • Blood Pressure: Just like your regular exams, your blood pressure and vitals will most likely be tested as well.

What to Bring With You
Besides knowing what testing you’ll undergo, you’ll also want to be prepared with any paperwork you may need. Be aware; there are a few medical conditions that might disqualify you, such as a history of epilepsy, those requiring certain medications, or a history of alcoholism. The day of the exam, you’ll want to have with you:

  • A list of current medication
  • Eyeglasses or hearing aids
  • Past health history and letters clearing you for any past conditions

If you are unsure of just exactly what you need, call ahead, and we can help ensure you’re prepared.

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