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CEO addresses Campbell County community after cyber attack

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer
CEO addresses Campbell County community after cyber attack

Andy Fitzgerald, Chief Executive Officer of Campbell County Health in Gillette, Wyoming, addresses the community in the wake of a cyber security attack to the organization. His remarks in the video are also written below.

CCH is in the process of recovering from the cyber security event that affected our computer systems. I have many people to thank. But before I do that, let me say just a word to the community about cyber crime.

CCH is not the first organization, hospital or otherwise, to be hit with a ransomware attack. Every organization is subject to this type of cyber crime. We were not the first and, unfortunately, we won’t be the last to experience this. Individuals, as well as organizations, must remain constantly vigilant, at home and at work, in order not to become a victim of this kind of crime. CCH had strong systems in place before the attack, and we have invested in additional measures, but the threat remains for all of us.

Most of all, I want to say thank you to our incredibly talented and dedicated group of employees and providers who have continued to care for our patients throughout this event, and I know that they will continue to work hard during the recovery process. Every now and then you get an opportunity to see what people are really made of, and I have been impressed with what I have seen from our workforce. I have witnessed first-hand a level of comradery and commitment that is inspiring. So to our employees and medical staff, I say thank you.

In addition, we have received support and offers of help from our community, region and state, and from law enforcement on many fronts. In fact, one local church sent us a care basket to our IT department with a note telling us that they were praying for us.

I understand that this situation has been frustrating and inconvenient, and I apologize on behalf of the organization. We are doing everything we can to get back to normal operations, and we want everyone to know that we are, and have been, open for the business of caring for our community.

Thank you.

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