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Thanks for working here this week: Matt Sabus, Information Technology

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Thanks for working here this week: Matt Sabus, Information Technology

Campbell County Health is proud of its employees, and we want the CCH family and the Campbell County community to know about the good work that they do for this organization.

Say hello to Matt Sabus, the Vice President of the CCH Information Technology Department in Gillette, Wyoming. Matt’s worked for CCH for four years, but has been in healthcare technology for 18 years—working in technology for more than 22 years. He earned a bachelor’s of science in Management Information Systems as well as a Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in Organization Development.

Matt was inspired to work in health care to make a difference. “I started working in healthcare IT because I saw how important technology was going to become in healthcare operations and taking care of patients. I started in small county hospitals, and found great satisfaction in helping these organizations make the transition to using Electronic Health Records and understanding the power of technology in patient care. I found I love working in healthcare because of the challenges, and sense of purpose in helping clinicians and providers take care of people. I also have a deep understanding of how important healthcare organizations are for the communities they serve. Now more than ever all of us have to do what we can to protect these services within our communities,” he says.

When asked if he has a health care hero, Matt says there are many people who have been this throughout his career. “Every day I meet people in the organizations I serve who go above and beyond in taking care of patients or coworkers on a daily basis. All of these people are health care heroes to me. I find inspiration from them and a renewed sense of duty to get them the tools and improvements they need to more effectively do what they do best, take care of people. I want to thank all of the people in my career that have taken those few minutes to explain or enlighten me on the how and why they do things as well as their viewpoint of the world. I have valued all of these interactions and been committed to keep learning and applying the knowledge to better serve their needs,” he says.

When he’s not at work, you can find Matt shooting guns and spending time with his family and friends. “I have always had a deep interest in history and science, so I spend a lot of time visiting historical locations and reading scientific and technology papers to stay current with the latest events, and to try and learn something new each day,” he says.

We asked Matt what he likes most about working for CCH, and what excellence every day means to him. Check out his response:

“The people! I have met so many wonderful people that truly care for others. My team makes me proud every day with what they accomplish and how much they care about our organization and people.

To me Excellence Every Day means finding ways to make a difference, improve something, help someone, give a compliment, make someone smile and just genuinely caring about others on a daily basis. Every day I try to make something a little better. Some days it is many things and others I have to try to accomplish one good thing. That becomes my motivation and drive for the next day.”

Thank you, Matt, for being a part of our team. We appreciate you!

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