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Meet new Chaplain Coordinator Jerry Taylor

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Meet new Chaplain Coordinator Jerry Taylor

Jerry Taylor and his wife Donna were looking for something completely different from their small town of Plymouth, IL, population 600. Recent empty-nesters, they had often visited Wyoming, Idaho and Utah and the idea of moving west was appealing.

“To us, Gillette is a city,” said Jerry.

CCH’s new Chaplain Coordinator has only been on the job for a week. Jerry came from a pastoral position as a church pastor, and was also a vol-unteer firefighter, EMS first responder and provided some chaplain services for local law enforcement. His goal is to help meet the needs of patients, residents, families and employees--no matter their faith position or beliefs. Right now he’s learning his way around Campbell County Memorial Hospital and The Legacy Living and Rehabilitation Center in Gillette, Wyoming, but he hopes to begin recruiting more associate chaplains, on-call chaplains and abiders to the core group that has been serving for many months.

“The abider program is a new idea for me,” said Jerry. “I’ve just fallen in love with the idea and what they do.”

In their free time, Jerry and Donna are looking forward to trips to the Black Hills and the Bighorns, and doing some hiking and cycling.

For more information about Chaplain Services, feel free to contact Jerry at 307-688-1540, or visit him in his office by the Emergency Department.

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