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Improving sleep routines for children

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  • Written By: Lexie Honey, LCSW
Improving sleep routines for children

Sleep is such an important part of our lives. We need sleep to function, our bodies need the time to grow and keep us healthy.

Parents need their children to sleep so they have some time to relax. With school in session, routines become more necessary to allow children to be rested and ready to learn.

While there are many behaviors that could improve sleep and bedtime, a few to begin looking at include:

  1. Limit technology. The blue light in technology interferes with the natural production of melatonin and keeps the brain active.
  2. Simple, flexible routine. Have a few things that the family does together to prepare for bed (i.e. brush teeth, read a story, turn off the lights, say good night) Find something that is easy for your family to do to help kiddos settle down and setting in.
  3. Limit high-energy activities. Hyping kids up right before bed makes calming down more difficult. Puzzles, books, board games are better alternatives to rough housing and running around.

Additional resources and ideas 

Lexie Honey is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at the Campbell County Medical Group Kid Clinic, a school-based pediatric clinic in Gillette, Wyoming. The medical clinic serves children ages 2 weeks to 18 years old; and counseling services for children 4 years old to 21 years old. For more information, call 307-688-8700 or visit The Kid Clinic is a collaborative effort between Campbell County Health and Campbell County School District.

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