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CCH Trustee elected to American Hospital Association RPB

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CCH Trustee elected to American Hospital Association RPB

Lisa Harry, Campbell County Health Board of Trustee member and secretary, was elected to serve as a trustee delegate to Regional Policy Board (RPB) 8 of the American Hospital Association. Lisa has been a CCH Trustee since 2018.

“They [AHA] represent hospitals across the nation,” said Lisa, “they are the boots on the ground that advocate and make recommendations.”

The AHA is a not-for-profit association of healthcare provider organizations and individuals that are committed to the health improvement of their communities. The AHA consists of nearly 5,000 member hospitals, health systems, and other health care organizations across the United States which it advocates for. As an RPB member, Lisa Harry will engage with other regional members in policy issue discussions. Her recommendations and analyses along with that of the other RPB members will play a key role in the AHA’s national policy deliberations.

“I’m there [on the AHA Regional Policy Board] to represent Gillette and Wyoming nationally – doing this is something really important to me.”

Lisa Harry continues her role as a Campbell County Health Trustee as she takes on this new role in bringing Excellence Every Day to the American Hospital Association.

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