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Thanks for working here this week: Andrea Greene, Sterile Processing Coordinator

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Thanks for working here this week: Andrea Greene, Sterile Processing Coordinator

Meet Andrea Greene, Sterile Processing Coordinator. Sterile process technicians are responsible for cleaning and sterilizing the equipment and instruments to be used during surgery. They are also responsible for examining, testing and monitoring certain items, such as autoclaves, to ensure they're operating properly. Andrea is certified in Sterile Processing (SCPDT), and has worked at CCH for 18 years.

As a child Andrea used to go to work with her grandmother, who worked at a small hospital in Quinter, Kansas.

“She was in charge of Sterile Processing, Materials Management and many other things, as it is a very small community,” said Andrea. “I enjoyed helping her wrap and sterilize instruments and it always just kind of stuck with me.”

When asked what gives her the most pride in her work, Andrea said, “Even though I am kind of behind the scenes it makes me feel good to know that I play an important role in a good outcome for every surgical patient that comes to the operating room. Clean and sterile is one of the most important steps in patient safety.”

To Andrea, Excellence Every Day is coming to work and doing her job to the best of her ability.

“Every instrument that I inspect and assemble is vital to patient safety. I treat every patient as a family member, as it very well could be.”

When she’s not working, Andrea likes to spend time with her family. She is also a huge bookworm. She loves to travel, and wishes she could do it more often.

Thank you, Andrea, for the work you do to make sure our patients are safe during their surgical procedure at Campbell County Health. We appreciate all that you do.

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