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Thanks for working here this week: Anisa Stepanski, RN

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Thanks for working here this week: Anisa Stepanski, RN

Meet Anisa Stepanski, registered nurse in ICU. Anisa holds Associate Degrees in Health Sciences and Nursing from Gillette College, and a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Boise State University. She has worked at CCH for three years.

Anisa’s healthcare heroes are her coworkers, saying “everyone I have the privilege of working with is inspiring. That includes CCH as a whole, but specifically the great people in ICU.”

She has always enjoyed helping people, and considers healthcare a great way of giving back to the community. “I enjoy the ever changing aspects of healthcare because I enjoy learning new things.”

To Anisa, Excellence Every Day means showing up, giving it your best for your patients and your co-workers. They deserve that. I like to show up and do everything I can to help.

When she’s not working, Anisa likes to exercise, going to the gym, riding her bike, and loves being outside. She also likes playing with her 6-month old Mini Aussie-Doodle.

Thank you, Anisa, for taking great care of our patients every day at Campbell County Health. We appreciate all that you do.