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A Guide to the Benefits of Physical Therapy for Seniors

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A Guide to the Benefits of Physical Therapy for Seniors

Are you or a senior you love wondering if physical therapy can benefit their quality of life? Senior citizens are at risk for developing mobility issues that can make it difficult to get around and do the things they love.

We have good news…

Physical therapy can help seniors maintain their independence by improving muscle strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility.


Are There Benefits of Physical Therapy For Seniors?

Yes, there are endless benefits of physical therapy for seniors.

A lot of older adults tend to become less active with age, and mobility issues are not just the result of injuries. Jill, age 72, is a senior who struggles to do the physical things she enjoys — playing with grandkids, going for walks, and gardening. She’s also having trouble taking care of herself because she can’t get to the bathroom or get out of her wheelchair on her own. As difficult as it is for Jill, this does not mean that she should stop taking her health seriously. Jill’s daughter has encouraged her to see a physical therapist and shares how physical therapy can benefit her so that she can continue to share precious memories with her children and grandchildren.



Older patients face different physical challenges than younger patients, and therefore, require a different form of treatment. Here are five benefits of physical therapy for elderly people:

#1: Promotes Independence

For seniors, physical therapy can help them move around more easily and with confidence. It’s a great way to improve their quality of life and independence.

Physical therapy for older adults enhances their ability to perform everyday tasks such as:

  • Preparing meals

  • Doing laundry

  • Cleaning the house

  • Mowing the lawn

#2: Prevent Falls and Injuries

Falls are more likely to happen as we get older. It’s important to keep up with our health and do what is necessary to reduce your risk of falls.

Physical therapy is important for seniors because it helps to prevent injuries and falls.

Physical therapists teach senior patients how to remain active without putting themselves at risk of injury.

Through physical therapy, older adults can rehabilitate their bodies after an injury or illness. This allows for seniors to maintain their independence with the help of a therapist who adapts exercises based on each patient’s abilities.

#3: Manage Pain

Seniors who are suffering from the pain associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic headaches, nerve pain, and other muscular conditions can find relief through physical therapy. Seniors may look to traditional medications as a way of managing their pain, but many drugs have side effects that range from upset stomachs to increased risk for health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. According to a medically reviewed article at Very Well Health, physical therapy is often able to help those who suffer from chronic pain more effectively than medication alone.

#4: Speed Up Recovery From Injuries or Illness

With age comes the possibility of injury or illness. While this can make day-to-day life difficult for a senior citizen, physical therapy offers benefits beyond easing pain and discomfort by:

  • Speeding up recovery time

  • Reducing swelling and inflammation

  • Helping their body heal faster

Physical therapists can provide recommendations to patients on how to improve their mobility and reduce pain caused by various illnesses or injuries. They also help patients develop an exercise regimen that will support joints, strengthen muscles affected by aging, and even help to boost their immune system.

#5: Control The Symptoms of Certain Health Conditions

Elderly people are increasingly turning to physical therapy to help control the symptoms of certain health conditions like vertigo, carpal tunnel, chronic fatigue syndrome, and pelvic floor dysfunction – just to name a few.

According to studies conducted by SAGE Journals and others, this type of treatment can help seniors with their conditions and symptoms in several ways by:

  • Helping people with Parkinson’s disease control tremors

  • Aiding people with Multiple Sclerosis to maintain their balance and stability

  • Reducing the pain of fibromyalgia by strengthening muscles, improving range of motion, and reducing inflammation

  • Training people who have had a stroke may be able to regain mobility through physical therapy

  • Patients recovering from hip or knee replacement surgery are often prescribed physical therapy as part of their rehabilitation

In addition to helping older adults regain control over their muscles, these treatments also help minimize pain by removing trigger points or knots within muscle tissues that cause aches whenever they contract or relax.


Campbell County Health Rehabilitation Services provides the most comprehensive physical therapy and occupational rehabilitation care in northeast Wyoming. Every patient has a choice on where they seek rehabilitative care. Our compassionate and experienced staff helps each patient, in a team-oriented atmosphere, reach their goals. Therapists and patients form a partnership and set goals together, working to help the patient function at their highest level, whether at home or work. While not required, a physician referral is recommended for rehabilitation services.

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Author: Dr. Natalie Thomas, PT, DPT


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