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Four Surprising Facts About Home Health Care

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Four Surprising Facts About Home Health Care

Most people end up only learning the details about home health during a critical time. It’s a service you may never need, but it may be beneficial in more ways than you expect.


Here a few surprising facts about home health care:


1. Home health is different from in-home care.

Home health is a service provided by licensed medical professionals for patients who are recovering from an injury, illness or surgery. It’s meant to help patients recuperating from an inpatient hospital stay to receive appropriate therapy in the comfort of their own home and is equivalent to the quality of care you would find in the hospital. In-home care usually refers to hourly, personal care that offers companionship to seniors and others who may be unable to be left alone long-term, and it may or may not be medical in nature.


2. It isn’t just for seniors.

We offer care and rehabilitation to any adult recuperating from their hospital stay. No matter your age, injury or surgical treatment, if your physician releases you from inpatient care, we can help to continue your personalized recovery plan at home.


3. If it can be done by a nurse, it can be done at home.

Home health allows for skilled nurses, physical, occupational and speech therapists, home health aides, and social workers to come to your home to provide the custom-made, follow-up care you need to get back to your life.


4. It is comfortable and cost-effective.

Home health care is considered to be less expensive, more convenient than, and just as effective as care given in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. Recovering in your own home can be a more relaxing experience. In addition, most insurance plans cover home health care.


Home is where the heart is. Shouldn’t it be where you go to get well?

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Author: Morgan Allen


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