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How Does a Coccyx Cushion Work?

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How Does a Coccyx Cushion Work?

Sitting for long periods of time can hurt. It can damage the tailbone, bruising it or causing severe pain.

Notice how your tailbone feels after a long drive or spending 8 hours at your office desk. If it hurts, your seat may be too firm.

For those who live in a wheelchair during their waking hours, the pain can worsen.

Fortunately, there is a solution for ending buttock or spine-related pain due to sitting.

So, what is a coccyx cushion? A coccyx cushion is an ergonomically shaped cushion that shapes to your body, provides comfort, and relieves pain. It’s even used as a sole treatment for some coccyx conditions.

The research discussed in this article describes the benefits of a coccyx cushion, how to properly sit on the cushion, and how it works to relieve pain.

Keep reading to decide whether or not a coccyx cushion could be helpful in treating your tailbone pain and if it’s worth the investment.

What is a Coccyx?

The coccyx is another word for tailbone. Depending on the individual’s development, the coccyx may consist of three to five different bones connected by fused—or semi-fused—joints and/or disc-like ligaments grouped together at the bottom of the spine.

A painful coccyx is typically due to infection (tuberculosis or osteomyelitis) or trauma (such as fracture, dislocation, and bruise of ligament tear). Coccydynia or coccygodynia is the term used to describe pain in the coccyx region.

Treatment can vary depending on the nature and intensity of coccygeal pain. In most cases, it resolves within weeks or months without intensive treatment like surgery.

The majority of people only require conservative treatment such as a coccyx cushion. Studies show that conservative treatment, without medication, is successful in 90% of cases.

How to Use a Coccyx Cushion

Place the coccyx cushion on the seat, such as an office chair or kitchen chair. Don’t place extra pillows underneath as the uneven angle may harm your back posture.

It’s best to use the cushion with a seat that has back support if you can. Slouching while sitting on the cushion can hurt your lower back.

A study showed that spine stability requires support by the lower limbs, especially the hip. The alignment of your hips is a large factor in determining your back position when sitting.

Poor posture can contribute to tailbone pain. Therefore, using a coccyx cushion to relieve tailbone pain can also reduce back pain and improve posture.

A coccyx pillow is thick, so it will automatically raise you higher than normal above the floor. Ensure you have a footrest to maximize your comfort when using a coccyx cushion.

Which Way Do You Sit on a Coccyx Cushion?

You should sit on the cushion with proper back support. You can mold the cushion to your bottom, which is ideal for those who are sitting for the majority of the day.

This cushion can be placed in an office chair with optimal support for sitting for long periods of time.

If you are sitting in a wheelchair, adjust the resting position of your feet, as the cushion will elevate your body a couple of inches. Lower the leg height as much as possible, as the coccyx cushion lifts the pelvis.


A study showed that any type of coccyx cushion can reduce pain and increase blood flow in the buttock area by relieving pressure on the tailbone with a facilitated wheelchair position.

What is the Best Cushion for Coccyx Pain?

A pillow with a wedge-shaped cut-out reduces the direct weight your coccyx bears, which will lead to less coccyx pain.

Circular cushions (shaped like a donut) and U-shaped cushions are also effective in reducing coccyx pain.[1]

Cushions made out of memory foam are helpful for distributing your weight evenly and molding to your lower body. Thus, they will reduce pressure on your tailbone.

A study showed that a foam coccyx cushion and newly developed air cushion increased sitting balance.

The results of this research showed that an air coccyx cushion may be better than memory foam in terms of symmetrical sitting posture.

See Respect Care Giver’s review for the Best Coccyx Cushions for Tailbone Pain.

For additional treatment, sit on the coccyx cushion with a thin gel ice pack or heating pad. You don’t want the pack or pad to make your weight uneven, so ensure it’s thin enough to sit on.

A study showed that a 30-minute compress of either a heating pad or cooling pack resulted in mild decrease in pain intensity. A combination of both treatments can make tailbone pain more bearable.

A coccyx cushion can relieve tailbone pain symptoms for those sitting for extended periods of time.

Your back posture can affect how your tailbone feels when you sit down.

Sitting on this cushion will support your hips, thus increasing spine stability and reducing pressure on your tailbone.

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