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Sports Physicals in Primary Care Settings

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Sports Physicals in Primary Care Settings

The 2021-22 school year is over, but it is never too early to schedule your child's sports physicals in June, July and August as they prepare to return to school in the fall. Primary Care settings, such as the CCMG Family Medicine Clinic and Pediatric Clinic, are the perfect places to complete your child’s sports physical as part of their well child visit. In both clinics, your child’s health remains our number one priority.


Why do kids benefit from sports physicals?


The answer is simple: All kids are athletes―the high school soccer player, the junior high performer in the school musical, and the skateboarding middle schooler down your block. You don't have to play an organized sport to be an athlete. Many children participate in physically demanding activities like snowboarding, skiing, jogging, climbing, and hiking. Other children are not physically active at all. All of these children should receive a sports physical from their CCMG Primary Care Provider.


Why see a Primary Care Provider for a sports physical?


Seeing your Family Medicine or Pediatric provider for routine well-child visits and sports physicals helps keep your child's medical records and health history up to date. Providers are also trained to identify and treat both medical and bone/joint problems that are commonly seen in children and adolescents who play sports. They can ensure your child is caught up on immunizations and discuss any concerns in a confidential setting. If your child is not as active as they should be, they counsel on the benefits of physical activity as well. Another benefit of combining a sports physical with a well child visit is that your insurance may cover the costs, if eligible.


Book your child's sports physical today!


CCMG Family Medicine and CCMG Pediatrics:

Location: CCMG Main Clinic, 501 S. Burma Avenue, Gillette, Wyoming 82716, on the south side of Campbell County Memorial HOspital. Use our convenient parking and separate entrance.

Phone: 307-688-3636


CCMG Kid Clinic

Location: 702 S. Kendrick, east of Twin Spruce Junior High

Phone: 307-688-8700

Article Source: Sports Physical: When, Where, Who Should Do It?
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