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Thanks for working here this week: Starlyn Kunz

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Thanks for working here this week: Starlyn Kunz

Meet Starlyn Kunz, Staffing Coordinator in Infection Prevention. Starlyn never truly knew that her calling was to work in the healthcare industry. She always had a passion for helping others, but once she started at CCH she realized that there are many different ways and opportunities to help people. “I have continued to grow from there and have loved every moment,” she says. 

Starlyn started out as a Registration Specialist in the Main Clinic before her current position, and has been with CCH for three years. Prior to working in healthcare, she was a Coal Lab technician at a local mine. Unlike other places she has worked, CCH provides a career path rather than just another job. She says, “There are so many opportunities to grow and expand within the organization.”

Her healthcare heroes are all the CCH employees who stepped up during the COVID-19 surge last fall and winter. Many of them were giving up their few days off to come in and fill where help was needed the most. They stepped up and worked outside their normal schedules and comfort levels to provide excellent care on the overflowing Med Surg and ICU units, and the Emergency department. Clinic nurses and Surgery nurses became Med Surg nurses. The regular Med Surg and ICU staff were working nonstop with very little breaks in between, sometimes working seven days (or nights) in a row.  Nonclinical employees from areas like Human Resources, Childcare and Accounting to the Temporary Nurse Assistant (TNA) classes so that they could work alongside our CNA’s to help with everyday needs.

“It was very humbling to experience all of the love and compassion everyone has for our community and patients within our walls,” said Starlyn.

One of the opportunities Starlyn has with her current role is managing the Employee Illness Hotline. She notes, “as healthcare workers we are so consumed in caring for others that we often forget to put ourselves first.” One of the things Starlyn does to help put staff first is being able to ensure that they are staying home and taking care of themselves when they are sick. “This is something I am incredibly proud of having the chance to do,” said Starlyn. “It has been a very rewarding experience.”

When she’s not working Starlyn and her fiancé are dedicated PC and console gamers. Once the snow stops falling she is usually traveling or spending time with her family camping at Flaming Gorge Reservoir. She also enjoys spending time with her daughter and fiancé as they update and renovate their almost century- old home.

Thank you, Starlyn, for taking great care of our employees every day at Campbell County Health. We appreciate all that you do.

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