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What Is A Travel Consultation?

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What Is A Travel Consultation?

Have you recently booked a vacation? Are you planning to travel soon? A travel consultation at the CCMD Family Medicine Clinic offers a dedicated time to prepare you for the health concerns that might arise during your trip.

During a travel consultation you will work with a provider who has an in-depth knowledge of immunizations, risks associated with specific destinations, and the implications of traveling with underlying conditions. Ultimately a Travel Consultation can help you prepare for travel and put you at ease.

While a travel consult is suggested for all travels, it is particularly important for those with a complicated health history, special risks (such as traveling at high altitudes or working in refugee camps), or exotic or complicated itineraries.

During your appointment your provider will look at your health background and incorporate the itinerary, trip duration, travel purpose, and activities, all of which determine health risks. This is a great opportunity for you to get educated on health risks at your destination and how to mitigate them. This information will be personalized and highlight any possible exposures such as injury, foodborne and waterborne infections, vectorborne disease, respiratory tract infec­tions, and bloodborne and sexually transmitted infections.

If you have health issues or would benefit from additional immunizations for your travels, this appointment will allow your Family Medicine or Primary Care Physician to make the appropriate recommendations.

Travel safely with the support of a Travel Consultation at the Campbell County Medical Group Family Medicine Clinic. Book today by calling us at 307-688-3636.

Article Source: CDC on Travelers’ Health
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