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What Is Chronic Care Management?

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What Is Chronic Care Management?


The Complex and Internal Medicine Clinic at Campbell County health provides adult medical care for patients with chronic medical conditions. This includes the Chronic Care Management program for many patients. Chronic Care Management coordinates care under a single healthcare provider and involves a whole team of resources to encourage and provide needed assistance for Medicare patients with two or more chronic health conditions. The patient’s family and friends, and local organizations like the Campbell County Senior Center and Campbell County Public Health all work together with the healthcare provider to help them reach their goals.

The additional resources provided through the program have changed many people’s lives for the better. Whether it is a course of physical therapy to help with strength and balance, assistance with nutrition, a visiting nurse to help manage medications to make sure people don’t run out, or help coordinate refills when needed, Chronic Care Management through CCH contributes to better health and care for individuals.

Tom Galvin, RN, Chronic Care Manager in Gillette, WY shares, “As we age, we sometimes develop an increased amount of chronic medical conditions. It can be a challenge keeping up with appointments for our primary care doctor in addition to other specialties to whom we may be referred. Related to these appointments, there are often labs, therapies, and other testing that may need completing. When an individual is enrolled in the program, Chronic Care Management (CCM) comes alongside the patient to assist them with managing these cares.”

“A primary goal of the program is to have medical concerns addressed proactively, thus avoiding the need for Emergency Department or inpatient hospital services.” says Tom. “When individuals enroll in the CCM program, they are assisted in setting goals that are most important to them, in addition to connecting them with additional resources as desired and as needed”.

After enrolling in the CCM program, Tom reaches out to them at least once monthly to see how they are doing and to see if they have any medical concerns or related questions. These concerns can then be communicated to their provider to schedule appointments, change medications, or determine if other services are needed.

To qualify for Chronic Care Management, Patients must have a primary care provider that practices at the Complex and Internal Medicine clinic OR any of the Campbell County Medical Group clinics in Gillette, Wyoming, be enrolled in Medicare, and meet the program’s health criteria.

If you are a patient and have questions about Chronic Care Management, call Tom Galvin at 307- 688- 3670 or visit

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