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CCH EMT Retires After 22 Years

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CCH EMT Retires After 22 Years

Diana Shannon turned off her pager for the last time on February 14 at 7 pm, after more than two decades serving the citizens of Gillette and Campbell County. Since 2000, Diana has been an incredible asset to EMS and Campbell County Health, serving as a skilled and experienced Intermediate EMT who provided exceptional care to her patients.

For over 15 years Diana also led the local SafeKids chapter in Campbell County, which became a model for other programs throughout the state. She was instrumental in teaching and certifying hundreds of new car seat technicians and was the backbone for ensuring children’s safety in Wyoming. Diana was also a CPR instructor who taught thousands of community members, emergency responders, and healthcare providers.

Diana’s contributions to EMS were many and varied. She most notably was a key member of the EMS University committee, and was the lead instructor for the department’s emergency driver training. Thanks to Diana, local EMS staff received critical medical education each year and knew how to safely respond to and transport patients during emergencies. And the EMS team could always count on their ambulances being stocked with the necessary supplies, thanks to Diana’s diligence in managing the patient supply inventory. 

Diana is truly one of a kind and everyone at EMS will miss the Harley riding, quick witted, Rock-N-Roll singing, sometimes a little sassy, always big hearted, willing to do anything for anyone, and fun-loving person that she is.

Since she retired, the EMS staff has had to learn how to clean out the refrigerator, rinse their dishes, and load AND unload them from the dishwasher.

From Urgent and Emergency Services Director Chris Beltz, “Momma Shannon, we wish you the very best and are so grateful for your dedication, skill and commitment to this organization and community. When you see the trucks go by or hear the sirens in the distance, we hope it brings memories of all the wonderful years you spent doing what you loved.”

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