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Breanna Lien, APRN Advances Testing at CCH

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Breanna Lien, APRN Advances Testing at CCH

Breanna Lien, APRN is part of Campbell County Medical Group Urology Department. She plays a vital role in counseling, diagnosing and treating our patients. She is well respected amongst her colleagues and is dedicated to providing quality care for the community.


Recently, Breanna attended a Urodynamics conference that provides additional medical education on urodynamics testing. The test is now offered by CCH and is used for several urologic situations/diagnoses including urinary retention, incontinence, and sometimes BPH.


“[This test] helps evaluate how the patient’s bladder tolerates the filling stage and also assesses the voiding phase. We are looking at several things. Is their bladder squeezing appropriately? Do they have obstruction from the prostate or somewhere along the urethra causing issues with voiding? Is the patient fully emptying their bladder? Are they using the wrong muscles to void which could cause the patient to retain urine? Are they having incontinence with coughing, sneezing or bearing down and at what pressure are they leaking?” Breanna stated.


“The conference taught me different techniques on how to perform the test. [It] was primarily focused on interpreting UDS studies and also went through troubleshooting. I feel confident with interpretation and testing since completing the additional training at the conference.”


Breanna Lien is accepting new patients and has open availability as early as 2 weeks. She is a critical asset to the team and a pleasure to be around.


To schedule an appointment with Brenna at CCMG Urology Department, call 307-688-3636.