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Thanks for Working Here This Week: Tammy Crawford

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Thanks for Working Here This Week: Tammy Crawford

Meet Tammy Crawford, Department Secretary in Rehab Services. Tammy has worked in healthcare for five years, choosing to continue to provide excellent customer service after leaving a career in the retail world. She held several different positions at CCH before coming to Rehab Services, working in Materials Management and Medical Records.

“That’s one of the things I really appreciate about CCH,” said Tammy. “You have the opportunity to further your knowledge and experience by working in different areas of healthcare.”

As a department secretary, Tammy is the first person the patient sees when they come for their rehabilitation appointment. She helps patients make follow-up appointments, provides information about their insurance benefits and assists with billing questions. She also reviews the patient documentation from the therapists for accurate integration into their medical record.

Tammy’s healthcare heroes are the therapists she works with. She says, “They are an excellent team, they have great compassion for the work they do, and they have sincere care and concern for each and every one of our patients.”

Tammy is most proud when she sees the true success of the young patients they help. She says, “I have been in Rehab for a year now and have watched some of our younger patients make great strides in their abilities from the time they started to the present. It makes my heart smile when I see someone that couldn’t walk or talk when they started with us and now they are running through the gym, chattering up a storm and passing out hugs. It’s a great feeling.”

To Tammy, Excellence Every Day is going above and beyond for every patient that walks through the door. She says, “From the first moment they come to our department to the day they graduate, it’s my job to make sure they have the best experience, all their needs are met and that they walk away from here wishing they didn’t have to leave.”

When she’s not working, Tammy likes to spend time with her family. She likes to go for long drives with Vic, her husband of 33 years, and just see where they end up, hiking and exploring areas they have never been before.

Thank you Tammy, for taking great care of our patients every day at Campbell County Health. We appreciate all that you do.

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