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Congratulations on your Certification: Wendy Echols

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Congratulations on your Certification: Wendy Echols

Wendy Echols is licensed in the state of Wyoming and currently works as a Speech Language Pathologist in our CCH Rehabilitation Services area. Recently, she achieved the Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialist Certification and has added value to her already amazing list of skills. She is providing excellence everyday to the community of Gillette and we congratulate her diligence and passion in the field.

In order to become a certified specialist, Wendy had to:

  • Complete 20 additional hours of continuing education in the areas of ASD, that includes assessment, neurodevelopmental aspects, behavior, communication and social skills, sensory processing and integration, environmental techniques to improve strategies for adapting to physical environment, motor skills, and pharmacological and nutritional interventions.

  • Demonstrative understanding of the following concepts: polyvagal theory, motivational interviewing, developmental individual difference relationship-based model DIR, sensorimotor interventions, theory of mind and autobiographical memory, and autism assessment and screening.

  • Must complete clinical experience attestation that includes a minimum of 100 clinical clock hours with persons with ASD.

  • Complete 12 hours of ASD specific training through continuing education per year..

  • Pass a comprehensive certification exam

Other areas of study during her journey included:

  • How to prevent meltdowns and emotional outbursts

  • Develop social skills to successfully navigate social interaction

  • Build a foundation of safety and trust through trauma informed lenses

  • Understanding how brain-gut connection impacts behavior

  • Building on strengths through child centered approaches

Let's here if for Wendy! Congratulations!

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